For over a year, our lives have been utterly dominated by separation. We were trapped within six-feet-wide circles of solitude and isolated behind our computer screens. In-person appointments were replaced with video chats. Meaningful conversations were reduced to an endless loop of "Your microphone is off," and

"Will you repeat that? Sorry, but the signal was breaking up," and

"Oops, wrong button." Polite nods, awkward elbow bumps and arm-flailing gestures took the place of smiles, handshakes and hugs. But through it all - the Zoom meetings and the conference calls - we found a way to work alongside the blurry, buffering, pixelated images of our coworkers, clients and customers.

We adapted. We made connections. We did our part, apart. 

And we made it!

The Georgia Green Industry Association invites you to grow with us during WINTERGREEN, Georgia's premier multi-day horticulture trade show and conference. Walking the trade show floor at this year's in-person event will feel like a refreshing blast from the past, but our stellar educational line up promises to keep you focused on the future so you always stay ahead of the competition.

Don't wait - register today, and get ready to network with thousands of other industry professionals from across the southeast. Forge new relationships, and gain the tools and the knowledge to propel your business forward and upward in 2022.

Join us at WINTERGREEN, and let's start growing together... again!